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World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Shadowlands, is delayed, Read on to learn more intriguing updates.

World of Warcraft stands as one of the most played online game. A multiplayer game with many more exciting twists and additions in the story. The previous release came out in January 2020. The response for the last version of release resulted disappointing. The gamers didn’t feel the magic in the game. They expected the game to include some exciting twists and eye-catching animations. The creators witnessed the failure of their latest update and quickly decided to roll-out a new update. The latest update of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands may come out in 2021. The update had to come out on October 4, 2020, but, the creators are considering a flaw-less release to attain success. They are proof-reading and concentrating on every detail.

Release Date: World of Warcraft Shadows

The new update of the World of Warcraft Shadows had decided to come out in October 2020. But the creators shifted the date as they found a  few flaws. They don’t want the same thing to repeat as the previous release. The game has a good following, and the creators are anticipating not to ruin it with some minor flaws. They may release in the upcoming year. The audience should wait for the new release to hit the floor.

Characters: World of Warcraft Shadows

The previous version had some mind-blowing characters. We may expect to see the same playing characters with some changes in the powers and related abilities. The creators have specified that they are going to introduce new characters also. They haven’t revealed anything till date. We may expect some good chances in the plot based on the characters. The creators have specified that the new characters will have more power and abilities to sustain in the game. Blizzard may not disappoint the gamers this time. They are solely working on improving visuality and gaming features.

Gameplay/features: World of Warcraft Shadows

The previous version included stunning animations and visuals. The visuals surely motivated gamers and attracted them. Many competitions included this game and raised the difficulty levels to the gamers. The previous versions included some added features according to the plot and storyline. The new update will have more improvements in the visual part. The creators have specified that the team is working on improving the animations and add colour to the game. There are many new features scheduled to include in the latest update. The gamers are eager to see the updates for which they have to wait until the release.

Plot: World of Warcraft Shadows

The World of Warcraft players specified some disappointment in the matter of end game progression in Shadowlands part. The blow included Covenants also. The plot follows the following steps. The player has to choose one out of the four available factions who lived in Shadowlands. These factions are known for their power. After choosing, they have to ally with them for a unique in-line game sequence and cosmetics.  Players are worried that due to the divisive powerful characters, they would have to choose one particular name. This concern has a solution handy with the latest update. Let’s wait for the release to witness the changes.

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