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Tim Ferris, Net Worth, Lifestyle, Hobbies, Career and Everything you want to know about him!

 Huge influencer, blogger, public speaker, author, lifestyle expert, and a successful entrepreneur all quality in one man. Yes, the guess is right we are talking about Tim Ferris. Tim Ferris is a 43-year-old American self-made entrepreneur. It is said there is nothing which Tim Ferris could not do. Starting from a scratch, and ending it to 100 million dollars, there is nothing which Tim has missed. Born on July 20, 1977, East Hampton, New York Tim started his journey from a boarding school in Concord New Hampshire and completed his degree in East Asia studies. Life graph of Tim Ferris is filled with lots of ups and downs. Let us take a look at it.

Lifestyle and Hobbies: Tim Ferris

Tim live a straightforward lifestyle. Somebody could understand his simplicity from the fact that he doesn’t own a car he user fare taxi for travelling. Tim has his reasons for it according to him; it is cheaper and good for health. The list of hobbies is quite long; Tim is just perfect in everything but the thing he likes the most is writing books, dancing especially tango kickboxing. Tim has a strong command in five different languages; he can speak English, Mandarin, Japanese, German and Spanish. The list may go longer but will put an end to it here.

Net Worth: Tim Ferris

Coming straight to the point the young self-made entrepreneur has a net worth of 100 million dollars. Tim has different sources of revenue. He is a successful writer and had published four best -selling books. Tim is a speaker and lifestyles coach. Tim is also an adviser in many notable for companies like Uber, Twitter, Facebook, Alibaba, Daily burns and more. He is an angel investor several times he invested just 25000 dollars and had the revenue to more than 1 million dollars. Tim Ferris also owns a company like Brain Quick Sports and Body Quick. Writing blogs, content writing, and YouTube videos is also a good source of income for him.

Social Media Influencer: Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris is a perfect social media influencer. He runs a YouTube channel with the name of Tim Ferris. The count of the subscriber on his youtube channel is 704k and has around 680 quality content. Tims influence can witness when he introduces some product on his YouTube channel, and it’s sale increases. Tim spends 100,000 dollars, every year,  trying out many products to get the best for his viewers. He’s written books act as an inspiration for the readers. Not only YouTube Tim Ferris is also an Instagram star with one million followers and around 1300 posts.

Journey till now: Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris is always called self-made entrepreneurs. He has a fantastic journey till now fill with a lot of ups and downs. One exciting thing is that Tim always tried for new things without taking care of consequences. He learned how to manage businesses with less effort. Tim always tried new things he tested his luck in book writing and came up with the best selling book ” the 4-hour workweek. Tim also wrote three more best-telling books. One interesting thing to note is his first book has been rejected for almost 25 times until it gets published. Tim went to make 40000 dollars from a year to 40000 a month. Tim Ferris is truly an inspiration for us.