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Spelunky 2 speed run record is now under 3 minutes: The latest record, Release Date, Plot and more.

Gaming has topped the list of entertainment in the present times. We all are aware of the craze gamers have on gaming. Taking this as a plus point, the leading gaming corporations are coming up with brand new games. They are evening developing revised versions of hit games. Playstations, PC games and X-Box games are receiving good response in the present lockdown time. Many of the older version games are getting updated in, the newer versions of the devices. Recently we saw Bunzen Panzer getting renewed in the latest PS4. The game belonged to the PS2 version. In the same series, Spelunky has a significant audience following in recent times. Let’s dig in to learn more about Spelunky.

Release Date: Spelunky 2

Spelunky originally came out in 2008. The game had a tremendous response back then, and it gained immense popularity. The uniqueness in the concept of the game became the most incredible sensation. The era didn’t have Playstations then, and X-Box did the work. Recently, Spelunky 2 came out in September 2020. The gaming lovers sat down and spent their September clearing the levels of Spleunky. The new release had many more changes and upgradations, which interested many young gamers in playing the game. Mossmouth and BlitWorks developed the 2nd version of Spelunky.

Speedrun record under 3 minutes now: Spleunky 2

Gamers have many tournaments to participate, competitions to play and get popularised for setting some records. Gamers have many youtube channels also to promote their gaming skills. Many gamers are struggling to pass the first level except speedrunner d_tea. They have managed to beat the game within 3 minutes, which is extraordinary. They found the earliest way to find the exit door and the duration they took was 2.53 minutes. It is not the first time; they were also responsible for one of the first truly impressive Spelunky 2 speedruns. Presently 2.53 seconds is the star of the show. We may expect some new gamer to beat this record.  The key to create this record; find the shortest and most straightforward way to find the exit door and proceed to the next level. Let’s see who will break this record.  Spleunky 2 recorded an excellent overall rating of 4.8.

Plot: Spleunky 2

Spleunky runs behind the plot of gamers set to face many difficult challenges in search of treasure and their missing family. The graphics and animations are improved compared to the previous edition. It elevates the beauty of Spleunky 2. Gamers are attracted to play this game, and the energies are one of the reasons to attract gamers. Spleunky 2 runs on Moon, so the gamers are placed on the Moon to face the challenges and win them. The game doesn’t follow the usual protocol of the gamer excelling each level. The exciting plot has added some extra masala to the 2nd version of the game. The game came out in the latest Playstation and Microsoft Windows. Many gamers have recorded the video of playing the game and posted in the youtube channels. The game is available in the latest PlayStation and Windows.

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