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R Kelly Net Worth, Lifestyle, Career, Allegations and everything you need to know about him!

R Kelly is an American singer, song composer, a songwriter too. Kelly’s original and full name is Herbert Sylvester kelly. Kelly celebrates his birthday on 8 January 1967 in Hyde Park, Chicago. The 53-year-old American singer composed and sing many songs which have topped the list like; I believe I can fly, grind, and Ignition remix. Kelly was always fascinated by singing. Making a move from a small musical group teamed with schoolmates to the best singer in the world. He made a fantastic journey; R Kelly always magnets controversy toward him. Let us see more about kelly.

Career: R Kelly

As stated earlier, Kelly started his music career with school mate friends. His musical group wins a show called a big break. after that, Kelly joins Jive Records to make a new group called “Public announcement.” With his new group, kelly releases an alum Born, which proves to be a big hit for him. In 1993 h launches 12 play and never see back from then. Kelly has topped the list of singers with songs like ignition remix; I believe I can fly, and many more. Kelly has six and doubles ACP image awards, two ama’s award,11 soul train awards, and two granny awards. Kelly also backed in the Gotham city song of Batman.

Net Worth: R Kelly

R Kelly is an American song composer, singer, and songwriter. He is passionate about singing, and the music industry also provides a good source of income for him. Kelly makes most of his money from album sale; at least 60 million of his album has been sold for to date. He is a successful hip hop and R&D singer. He has a carrier span of more than 20 years. Kelly owns a net worth of 100 to 150 million dollars as per Celebrity Net Worth. But kelly net worth has been hit by a series of legal allegations on him. His divorce in 2009 also cost him a loss of millions of dollars. There has been a strong decline in his net worth, and the dollars he owns are still unknown.

Legal Alligations: R Kelly

R Kelly is a singer with many allegations against him. In his full carrier span, he always faces some controversies. We could found a list of legal claims towards him, which has a good effect on his pocket. in 1994, he marries a 15-year-old girl, Aaliyah, and give the wrong age on the marriage certificate. In 1996 kelly was sued for emotional distress. He has to settle it for 25000 dollars. He was charged with child pornography in June 2002. In 2017 and 2018, a victim approaches the press for sexual abuse against her. The latest charge against him was in 2019, a sex trafficking charges against him.

The Journey of Life: R Kelly

Kelly has a difficult journey but has successfully overcome every obstacle that comes in his way. Although he is one of the most successful hip hop singers, always kept himself entangled with controversies. The legal allegations on him leave no chance to defame him and also bankrupt him. We could say he is a popular but unsuccessful man.