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Microsoft to start the Beta version of VR for its Flight Simulator soon, Read to know everything about the specifications.

Microsoft launched a series of amateur flights simulator programs under the name, Microsoft Flight Simulator ( abbreviated as MSFS). In 1977, Bruce Artwick of Sublogic started developing this Flight Simulator. The preorders for Flight Stimulator began from 12 July 2020 and released on 18 August 2020. The game is available in three different versions, namely standard, deluxe and premium deluxe. The game received a positive response from the users and got praise for its intricate graphics and detailed scenery.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Version 2020

This one of the longest-running PC game by Microsoft has always been the favourite of the users. Microsoft Flight Simulator will be the first version of the series to be available in a gaming console, Xbox One. With new aircraft and augmented scenery, Microsoft Flight Simulator will provide a better experience to the players. The challenges and plane checklists will also be much better. There will be features regarding air traffic, weather and shared cockpit.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Virtual Reality

Recently, Microsoft announced that this time Microsoft Flight Simulator would provide virtual reality (VR) facility to the gamers. This announcement made everyone eager and wanting to explore their favourite game through VR. The feedback Microsoft got after announcing that players can use VR while playing the game is what motivated the developers to do their jobs in the best way. With the collaboration between Microsoft and Valve, the designing of VR will take place. Asobo, the developer is to work on supporting the virtual reality on HP Reverb G2 Headset. The studio announced that the players do not need to wait for long for the VR to launch.

With the upcoming closed beta, some users could get access to the VR in a month. However, the full support for VR will take time for the users. The team of developers has been working on the VR supporting criteria for about a year, and they just need honest feedback from users. To use this beta VR, one needs to sign up on the official website of Microsoft Flight Simulator and submit their DxDiag to get further information and help. The VR may hit the markets in late October or early November with support to Windows Mixed Reality headsets. There are bright possibilities for the VR to support on other devices in the later future.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: News

Boss of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Jorg Neumann teased the update of the game along with the news of VR beta. The arrival of the VR starts from Japan this week, followed by the US soon. There is no date set for the release of the world updates, but the players can anticipate it to happen in every two-three month. The task is both complex and significant, so it is evident for it to take time to be finished.

Developers want to make the game fluent during the multiple-player gaming. Those who are already a part if the Inside Programme of the game and signed in will get early access to both the alpha and beta versions of VR before its release. If you enjoyed reading this article by me, then follow up with my next article about Samsung smartwatch.