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Destiny 2, Festival of the Lost, Double Loot in Nightfall, Trailer Released, and Everything you want to know.

The spooky Halloween event, Festival of the Lost will be up from next week on Destiny 2. The popularity of the game made it to receive several awards. This recurring event is something that players awaited the most. This time there are more loots available at the festival. The first Festival of the Lost in the previous game was a total hit and users were not anticipating the event to return so soon.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost: Nightfall

This time the Nightfall loot will be a lot different and grander than the last one. It will start on 3 October and last for a week at the Festival of the Lost. Nightfall will dish out double loot this time in the Festival. With these players get more opportunities to collect more enhancement tools and protective armours for the gameplay. Festival of the Lost 2020 is going to be the best loot opportunity for the players since the beginning of the game. In this Halloween-themed event, players can collect all the things that made the Eververse Store look so pretty.

Users can collect shards, armours and prism, and if their inventory begins to overflow, they can store the rest in their character’ postmasters. There are chances that one can earn the auto rifles with new perks in Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story. Last time, the strike was in the Lake of Shadows where players spent their week like a madman to collect what they desire. This time, Nightfall is up with A Garden World strike. Players might know that Garden world is on Mercury and has a Vex orb end which seems big and shooty. It is going to be more complicated than the last strike of Nightfall in Festival of the Lost, but the players who have a difficulty of around 1080 will not suffer.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost: Trailer

Bungie surely knows how to make players excited, and the trailer proves that. The trailer shows the Guardians partying with all their might, and enjoying themselves in the spooky Festival. The background music in the trailer seems to attract more people. Players might be anticipating to hear this soundtrack in the game too. The gist of the trailer appears ironic, as Eva says the world is ending, but the Guardians start to party even harder. This time the Infinite forest run seems to be more intimidating. There is no way that someone would like to miss it. If you have not checked the trailer yet, then what are you waiting for, do it now!!

The Festival of the Lost will leave the users all set for the Beyond Light Expansion of the game in November. Just a friendly reminder that the festival is up from October 6 till November 3 so the happy days are not far, and the waiting is almost over. Players should keep in mind that if they want to join, they have to start at least five minutes earlier or else if they have 750 power it will do. If you enjoyed reading this article then do-follow up my other article about Destiny 2:Festival of the Lost.