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Classist remark, Response to local YouTuber’s quip on Manila Bay, and Boracay white sand comparison.

Manila bay is a beautiful, artificial white sand beach situated in the Philippines. Manila Bay beach receives a lot of vigilance as it pictures surfaced on social media. The beach saw a massive transformation and now attracts multiple tourists towards itself. The sand used in Manila bay was assumed to be Boracay’s white sand, but it’s dolomite rock from Cebu crushed and made look similar to sand. The new Manila bay’s construction has been completed and is made available for the locals from September 2020.

Transformation: Manila bay beach

Manila bay beach witness one of the best and beautiful transformations in the country. Manila always cope with water pollution; the water quality index forever remains low from the safe limit for swimming and does not provide a suitable swimming condition. The aquatic life of Manila was also disturbed. A sum of 3.5 billion dollars was raised for the cleanup. The initiate was named ” The Battle for Manila bay” to attract and get local support. The cleanup receives the help of the government as well as the locals. Five thousand volunteers gather for the cleaning campaign and lead Manila bay beach’s transformation into a new artificial white sand beach.

Controversy: Manila bay beach

All the disputes of Manila bay beach arouse with the use of artificial sand. DENR( Department of Environment and Natural Resources) tweeted about the nourishment of the beach. The environmentalist is protesting against the dumping of 500 tones of dolomite import from Cebu for artificial sand. It would disturb the natural balance of the surrounding and cause many more diseases, claimed by the protesters. The government seems to be transparent in their view of the upbringing the new Manila bay beach.

 Local YouTube’s mocked: Manila bay beach.

Dora Dorando, a local public figure, stands against the Manila project. He can be seen going against tik tokers who praise the Manila bay beach artificial white sand project on Twitter. Dorando tweets go viral and receive a positive response with 12400 likes. He draws the comparison between the Manila and Boracay bay; mocked it by saying if Manila looks like Boracay, you probably not been to Boracay. Many local YouTuber’s have been criticizing the project. One can quickly found videos portraying locals having a fun time on the beach during this coronavirus pandemic. People could be easily seen avoiding social distancing and necessary standards.

With or against the project: Manila bay beach

The Manila bay beach projects came up with mixed reactions across different parts of the country. Some appreciate the work of government and came forward to volunteers, while others took social media to express their disputes regarding the project. Many environmentalists protests against the use of dolomite which may generate an ecological imbalance in the surrounding. Many local YouTubers came up with funny videos criticizing the government policies in their way. The tourism sector is experiencing a boom with Manila bay beach. A tourist said Manila is getting better and better with each passing day. So a mixed reaction could be seen.