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Among Us, a murder mystery set in space, is the latest multimillion dollar craze in video games.

The gaming industry has reached on is its peak during the lockdown period. During the lockdown, gaming has become a favourite option for passing the time. Many gaming corporations have come up with new and different gaming concepts that enthusiasts a gamer. With the growing number of gamers, the demand for diversity in games is also increasing. Among various types of games available in the market, survival game has the edge over the others. Among Us is one such survival game, which has become quite popular these days. The demand for Among Us has been increasing with each passing days, and there is a sudden jump in its users.

About: Among us

Among Us is an American survival game developed by InnerSloth Studios. The game was launched on 15 June 2018. The game starts with a spaceship having some crew members on it. Among the crew members, the majority are Crewmates, while some are named Impostors. Impostor’s identity is hidden from everyone except himself, while Crewmates are assigned some task to complete, and Impostors have the role of finishing all.

Rules of the game: Among Us

As we have discussed, the game starts in a spaceship with some Crewmates and Impostors. The game provides the option of playing with friends plus with some random individuals. The game chooses the Impostors and hides its identity. Crewmates are employed with some task to attain while the Impostor’s job is to kill the fellow crewmates. The crewmates have to identify the Impostors and has the authority to dismiss it. With each kill, the crewmates can discuss the killer. At the same time, the Impostors have some extraordinary power to move in different parts of the space ship. 

Popularity: Among Us

With many contests in the genre of survival game like Mafia, Among Us finds itself placed on the top of the pile. The game is based on a unique notion that provides an extra kick to the user. Among Us crosses a million user on 3 September 2019, and has a 100 million-plus downloads on Google play store. Among us has become the first choice of game lovers during the lockdown. The extraordinary concept provides something unusual to the gamer and magnet gamers towards it.

Latest News: Among us

Forest Miller, who played a crucial role in the making of Among Us and is a developer at Innersloth, confirmed that they were planning to come up with the sequel of the game; but has cancelled the program due to the growing popularity of Among Us. Miller said that they would now come up with new modifications in the original game, which will enhance the playing quality of the game which would provide additional comfort to the players. Hence the game will have no sequels of it. The old version will update with new features.

Review: Among Us

No dought that Among Us has achieved positive reviews from its user. Among Us got 4.5 ratings out of 5 in Google play store and almost two million reviews. Among Us passed with flying colours.