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Airborne Kingdom game, Release date, features, theme and Everything you need to know about it!

Sky city sim Airborne kingdom is a BioShock infinity stimulator. The game is built on a unique concept where the user has to build his empire over a floating surface. The game entangles the user with building houses, maintaining the perfect balance of the sky skipper, checking the availability of resources, hiring people, and of course, the game needs of the presence of mind. The Wandering Band LLC develops the Airborne Kingdom. The flying city builder encapsulates the game with a very fishy theme, which magnets the gamers towards itself. The Airborne Kingdom has already become one of the most awaited games. There is alot of rumour on air about this game. Let discuss it all one by one.

Release Date: Airborne Kingdom

As stated earlier, Airbourne Kingdom has already become one of the most awaited games among gamers. But the wait for the game is going to end soon as the developers of Airborne Kingdom clarifies the game will launch on December 17, on the epic game store. The game won’t be available for free; the user has to pay a minimal rate of 24.9 dollars to enjoy the game. The Airborne Kingdom will be available on both pc and mac book. As expected, the game will bring thunderstorms with it.

Rules and Gameplay: Airborne Kingdom

The game starts with a small empire hanging on the air with some residents to do some works. The gamer has to build its own empire with the resources available on the ground. The people living in the city brings the resource from ground to home. The user has to select what to bring first and how many people will bring. The city is constantly moving and needs fuel to speed up and move constantly; the user has to take of this; with no fuel, the city will degrade faster. There is another option to paddle the city, but it also requires men.it is also not easy to expand the city. The building should be created so that the city’s overall balance does not break; else, the city may crumble and fall. With all these consequences, the user has enlarged the empire as much as possible.

Competition in the genre: Airborne Kingdom

The Airborne Kingdom has still got some days to launch, the game is all set come on December 17, but there will be stiff competition for it. The Airborne Kingdom wiLL face tough competition from the other similar game which are already performing well and has good market capture. The Airborne Kingdom will face a tough completion from a game like Medieval Kindom War, Tech Corporations, Supreme Ruler Ultimate, Bronze Age, Computer Tycoon, and many more. The list is quite long, but let’s end it here.

Trailer and Review:  Airborne Kingdom

Even before the launch, the reviews for it show cheerful lights for the success of the game. There is a positive vibe created among the gamer, and many useful reviews also available on youtube regarding airborne gaming. At the same time, there is no source for official reviews. Fans on the peak of excitement can check the trailer by PC Gaming show to get a sense of it.