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The Falconeer available in Xbox Series X, no “Smoke and Mirrors” to create illusion for players!

Xbox Series X is the latest releasing video game, and it indeed will be out with Xbox Series S by the end of this year. The development of the Video games is by Microsoft, and most probably will be out for gamers by November 10, 2020. As a result, the fourth generation of the beloved Xbox Console family is truly one of the most awaited games today, and it succeeds Xbox One. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, states that Series X will achieve the CPU and GPU’s better-matched capabilities. The prioritizing high frame rates and faster load times as a priority over higher resolutions make it more memorable.

Features: Xbox Series X

The Series X will remain powered by a custom 7 nm AMD Zen 2 PU. It has a total of 56 compute units and 3584 cores. Along with 52 CUs and 3328 cores enabled, and will be running at a fixed 1.825 GHz. The Series will consist of ray-tracing and super-fast SSD by supporting 120 frames per second. The Xbox Series X will cost around $499 and will look like a small gaming PC. It has a 15.1 × 15.1 cm footprint and is 30.1 cm in high. You can imagine the Xbox to weight around 4.45 kg. According to Spencer, the console will resemble Xbox One X. What makes t different is that it will not include an infrared blaster or HDMI pass-through like the Xbox One line. The Series will not have a VR launch.

The Falconeer: Xbox Series X

Creator Tomas Sala shared his views on the falconer being available on Xbox Series X, and indeed this was the right choice made. The excellent visual style, soundtrack, and Great Ursee will surely come together very well. The sprawling open world to work will be a great-developed part, and Sala explains how it worked out behind the scenes with “smoke and mirrors.” According to Sala, most video games are not alive and realistic after some point and cease to exist in stimulation. He believes in having a complex simulation, and it is essential to spend more time and effort on it. 

No smoke and mirrors: Xbox Series X

Talking about Falconeer getting available on Xbox, players are expecting much more from it. As many of the Open-world games were to mislead players, mirrors and smoke are used to create an illusion, and you will not see such techniques here. Xbox brings this fantastic game where it focuses on building up simulated worlds to make it more fun. There will be no texture maps used at all. It highlights that the lighting and shader technologies used for the game will do all of the heavy liftings. 

The beautiful game comes with its unique style and new soundtracks that will not be available anywhere else. As in other games, there will be enemies, warships, unique weapons, and fighting techniques. Falcon will be available with different tactics like quick rolling and flipping techniques. There is going to be the gun firing of which players have to survive and much more. As a result, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and the Falconeer will undoubtedly be a huge success.

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