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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes with an Unbelievable Smartwatch Deal, Specifications, Price and more.

Samsung Electronics developed a smartwatch in 2018 known as ‘Samsung Galaxy Watch‘. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 released on August 25, 2020, and is now available on Amazon. The watch is gaining popularity for its impressive capabilities and unexpectedly low price. Soon after the launch of the smartwatch, Amazon made a price cut on it. It is the best deal one can get on the significant-tech item by Samsung Electronics. The price of the smartwatch is even lower in the UK than compared to the US. We can think of it as the early arrival of Amazon Prime Day Deals.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Specifications

The smartwatch comes in two configurations, 41mm and 45mm. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 provides three colour choices to ensure that it blends with every style, silver, black and grey. The models by LTE also are beyond applauding. Along with the operating system  Tizen OS 5.5, it has a very long battery life, GPS, Bluetooth networking and a full array of health and fitness monitoring services. The smartwatch can store 8 GB of data with 1GB RAM and has a wireless charging feature. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is compatible with the 1G, 2G and 3G networks. It supports an eSim which is consistent with its operating system.

The watch has a heart rate monitor; a gyroscope, a barometer, an accelerometer and can take inputs via natural language situations. Samsung claims the smartwatch to have “military-grade” durability, so they offer it provides is worth considering. The difference between the two configurations is only in the field of battery life as 247 mAh and 340 mAh for 41mm and 45mm models respectively. The 45mm model had a more durable battery life than the 41mm model watch. But this difference does not make the latter a worse choice because the rest of the features are the same. Due to the guidelines for the Corona Virus crisis, the watch launched via Samsung’s online channels.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Price on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with the configuration of  41mm is available for $369.99 after a price cut of $30 on Amazon. At the same time, the smartwatch with 45mm configuration is available on Amazon for $399.99. In the UK the model with 45mm is cheaper than the model with 41mm at the price of £374 on Amazon. It will be available in the retail price of €250 in Europe. Both the models are equal in terms of their high-end features; the only difference is due to the battery performance. Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass DX and compatible with 20mm and 22mm straps this smartwatch is one of a kind. Reviews make it look like the best non-Apple smartwatch.

So if you are a tech enthusiast and looking for an upgrade for your previous smartwatch, then there is no better option than Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Being a brand new and up with a sale is something irresistible. Thus far, it is the best choice among all the smartwatches from other companies or there. If you enjoyed reading this article and would like more with several updates, then stay tuned!