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Fall Guys is adding nameplates and tittle in the season 2, checkout what you are missing!

With season one, Fall Guys’ release was an eye capturing game for the gamers with full and different colours. Its unique gameplay resembles with Takeshi castle and Battle Royal. Numerous contestants compete with each other to reach the endpoint of the race. The game is not so simple as it looks; there are various obstacles along the way every player has to tackle. The one who can reach the end first wins the game. With such an excellent success for season one, the expectation for season two has been increased. Season two is coming with the adding nameplate and title. Let see what you miss more.

New features: Fall Guys

Fall Guys took to twitter to talk about the new feature in season two of it. The feature could be found on the customizer menu. The new feature lets the user add new templates and tittle. With the new feature, the user could dress the background for thier nameplates. The user could add different colours, bread slices, pride flags, and many more. Nickname and tittle can be chosen from the options underneath the account name. The new feature will enhance the game’s credibility, and it would be easy for the user to handle it. some of the features would it make it more unique than other games

Different Playing Experience: Fall Guys

With new features, the playing experience of the user would also be different. This time season, two of the Fall Guys is having a medieval theme. The new obstacles and courses make it more interesting. The new dresses like a dragon, witch, barbarian, and wizard make the game more attractive and magnetised. Big yeetus has also been introduced in season two, making the player fall more. Many more new courses are also introduced at the end of the game. The game’s basic concept is intact, but many more things in season 2 make it fantastic.

Other Competitors: Fall Guys

Fall Guys is considered to be an ultimate knockout battlefield royal game. When the game was released, it pronounced for its unique concept and was liked by many gamers. But with growing time, many similar types of games are introduced in the online gaming market. These games provide a tough competition to Fall Guys. The games identical to Fall Guys are Knockout Race, Super mega mini party, Run Royal 3D, Human: Fall Flat, Fall Dude 3D, and many more. These games can put down the fall guys’ market, but with new and fantastic features and regular updates, fall us always topped in the list. Fall Guys was more successful than other game in its genre.

Reviews: Fall Guys

The season of the game was a big hit. Fall Guys able to get festive and enthusiastic reviews from the public. The game has got 3.1 ratings out of 5 on google play store and three thousand reviews. The game has more than 100 thousand plus downloads. The same result is expected from season 2 of it. With more features and graphics, season 2 will be more hit than season1.