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Destiny 2 Fest is up with Extra Loots from Nightfall and The Haunted Forest, Read to know.

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer shooting video game. Destiny 2 released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows in 2017; for Google Stadia in 2019. It is also available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S since their release. Destiny 2 received a lot of nominations and even won various awards including The Game Award 2017 and Critics Game Awards. The game adds to its excitement by organising some theme occurrences in it.

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost

The game enables the players to become protectors of the Last City on Earth as Guardians. The Guardians take the responsibility to protect the City from Alien invasions by using a power called Light. A recurring event takes place in the Destiny game every Halloween. The event is known as the Festival of the Lost and lasts for about three weeks during October and early November. The festival has a lot of Halloween themed activities in which the players take part as the Guardians. They collect masks and candies ( special consumables) during the event. For players, it is one of the most-awaited events in the game.

Destiny 2: Loots for 2020

Players can expect the Halloween event to occur in between October 13 to November 3. The strikes, Nightfall and The Haunted Forest, are going to dish out extra loots in this year’s festival. These turn the week into the most rewarding one in the history of Destiny as there are tons of Exotics and enhancing materials that players can gain. There are some basic structures that the game follows for such events.

This time, The Haunted Forest comes with a huge bonus and is up throughout the Festival of the Lost. According to a blog post by Bungie, they are adding five chests for loot by the end of the activity. Players can see that all this makes it easier to collect materials for the Festival mask. It seems like an incredible chance to get the standard stuff in the game as we have to cross through a short and easy activity. In addition to The Haunted Forest, Nightfall will also be up with extra bonuses. Bungie brings Nightfall back and that too, with double rewards. The strike will be there for a week and starts on October 6. This time Nightfall strike is in The Garden World which will be more challenging than the previous Lake of Shadow strike.

All this sums up the upcoming event as a stunning surprise. With this, we reach the final part of the Destiny 2:Beyond Light. The event is quite exaggerating as we see it back so soon and yields a significant payout. The game, Destiny 2 received a lot of positive reviews for the improvement in gameplay.  Bungie surely knows how to make its content satisfying for the players. It created one of the most complex and intricate environments for the better experience of players. Users are all wound up for the fantastic event which Destiny organises. If you enjoyed reading the article and wish to get more such articles and updates, then stay tuned!