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Logan Paul’s Net worth, personal life, YouTube videos, controversies and much more to know here!

The beloved American YouTuber, actor, boxer and social media influencer Logan Alexander Paul is running his famous YouTube channel. Along with that, he has run the Impaulsive podcast since November 2018, which currently has over 2.3 million followers. He created his first YouTube channel on October 18, 2013, named as TheOfficialLoganPaul where he gained much fame by posting videos on the Vine application.

Later on, August 29, 2015, created one more channel on the same platform named as Logan Paul Vlogs. It again received much love from viewers. According to the sources, Logan Paul ranks at the position of 140. It is among the top subscribed channels all around the world. He has over 22 million subscribers. We can see this famous personality also seen in a few movies such as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The Thinning and it’s another part which was out in 2018 also had Paul in it. 

Personal Life: Logan Alexander Paul

 Paul attended college and was taking care of his YouTube channel, which was getting fame via the videos, which he exclusively posted, on the Vine app. He was studying at Ohio University and was a major in Industrial Engineering. Logan Paul did not get his degree as planned to drop out in 2014 so that to pursue a career as a full-time social media entertainer and a YouTuber. He later moved into Los Angeles and shared his apartment with other vine stares such as Amanda Cerny, Andre Bachelor and Juanpa Zurita. He started staying with Mark Dohner and Evan Eckenrode as his roommates. It was the beginning of his entire beautiful journey of YouTube and acting. 

YouTube videos: Logan Alexander Paul

The American YouTuber was always successful to post videos, whichever met the expectations of his fans. He has done several collaborated video too. In few such videos, fans got to see his brother Jake Paul several times. Few most cherished celebrities like Dwayne Johnson is also seen in his videos, making them more interesting for sure. Where his vines get much fame, a video caused a lot of issues to him. Logan, along with his friends, went on a trip to Japan and started exploring the Aokigahara forest where he found a dead body.

Well, the worst part was he started zooming and giving weird comments and reactions on the hanged corpse. Many fans did not like his behaviour, and his YouTube channel faced much loss. Well, very soon, indeed, he got the video removed and apologized for his behaviour by taking some time off from YouTube. Now he is again back doing his amazing entertaining videos by not hurting anyone’s feelings. Fans did slowly accepted him back also.

Net Fortune Worth: Logan Alexander Paul

As soon as you search about his net worth amount, the data that first pops up is $19 million. Many websites also say that this is his overall net worth. However, in one of his videos, Logan Paul confirms that his net worth is very much lesser than $19 million. He earns most of the money from his both (two) YouTube channels. Paul makes around $11 million in a year. Fans have seen several brands sponsoring his videos. He undoubtedly promotes several brands, too, at various social media platform. So we can guess from the data known that he earns about $80000 for all the sponsored content and might be receiving $1,50,000 from Facebook.

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