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YouTuber KSI Says he could Beat Mike Tyson in the Ring, What are your views? Read to know more.

Not KSI made his arrival on Sidemen channel and brought about some bold claims that he could beat the Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson in a boxing tournament. KSI the Social Media sensation as hold a boxing record of the unbeatable professional boxer. The 27 years former marked a split verdict win over American YouTuber Logan Paul last year which was the ample significant warfare ever in the history of boxing matches, in his just skilled trial till now. Recently after boldly alleged to beat the former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, in a boxing match KSI’s such comments may not go down nicely with the boxing league.

While arising on YouTube channel Sidemen, KSI during a talk with the host claimed that he could achieve a win over Mike Tyson. Besides the young YouTuber even thinks that Logan Paul can also win against Tyson in the square circle.KSI has said that age occurs to be on his flank despite Mike Tyson’s overpower boxing career, which leads to hand to hand crucial fight with the saddest Man on the earth.

KSI told he would strive to carry the fight to the extent by not taking off all out during the preliminary rounds. The last game of the battle is when KSI thinks the age of Tyson would catch up on him, enabling the 27-year-old to step away with a score. KSI coach Cruiserweight fighter Vidal Riley believes that he cannot last against Iron Mike Tyson revealed KSI during a talk. Vidal says ” Nah Man. He said ‘You have to withstand three stages of three minutes, then probably, KSI said while interviewed.

Social media trolls down YouTuber KSI over his unusual claims towards Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson of 54 age, widely respected as one of the biggest in the sports industry, while KSI’s sharp words come on the end oh his first boxing success. In 1986 Tyson evolved the youngest world champion ever by beating Trevor Berbick to raise the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight championship. Iron Mike Tyson hold up the different heavyweight title, organising himself as one of the greatest in boxing history in his 20-year-old career.
Unfortunately, the YouTuber dug through on social media for his bizarre claims. Fans of Mike Tyson were furious about the statement KSI made if the battle prepared who going to win the younger undefeated one or the Badass man of all? People are waiting to see them both on a single sheet; it is nosy yet more attractive.

Mike Tyson fight against Roy Jones Jr.

Recently Mike Tyson is now training for his highly expected boxing retrieval, on November 28, which will hold on behalf of Roy Jones Jr.
In the last 15 years, it will be Tyson’s first fight; In 2005 it was the final battle of Tyson with Kevin McBride in a losing action. Tyson and Jones were going to face each other in an eight-round exhibition ring at California in Carson, the event also showing the central coupon Tyson vs Jones and featuring a trial between Nate Robinson, a former NBA player and Cruiserweights Jake Paul( younger brother of Logan Paul).