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YoutTuber Frank Hassle received a Warning Gun Shot by Steven “Boogie2988” Williams During a Confrontation

If we pay attention to the number of social influencers, then we will notice that most of them are YouTubers. In today’s scenario, the reports of fights between YouTubers is quite common, but it is not sure that when things take an ugly turn. The YouTubers, Frank Hassle and Steve “Boogie2988” Williams got into such a feud.  Frank Hassle was harassing Boogie from a long time now which triggered an abrupt reaction from Boogie. Frank also blamed Boogie for the banning of his YouTube channel, which was utterly absurd.

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Cause of the Incident:

The main reason behind this sudden snap of Boogie is the “planned continued harassment” by Frank Hassle and his fans. William portrays a character named Francis, who is a Mountain Dew addict and has anger issues. He indeed suffers from some anxiety disorders which he has been openly discussing through his YouTube channel and is the main reason for his popularity. Frank not only harassed Boogie but also harassed some of his friends and called him a “paedophile”.

Boogie once revealed his anxiety about this harassment via a series of tweets. His tweets were transparent and obvious and showed how he felt about the whole situation, and he stated that” NO ONE deserves that”. The incident led to a confused reaction from the fans of both the YouTubers. There are also some abuse and circulation of memes on the experience.


The Incident:

In an interview, hosted by KEEMSTAR, Hassle threatened Boogie that he would visit his house which the latter responded by saying that he will ‘kill’ Hassle if he turned up there and that too ‘at least five times’. The very next day, completely ignoring Boogie’s words Hassle shows up at his house and knows his door demanding an ‘open fire’ while shouting multiple slurs at Boogie. Later, Boogie comes out of his home carrying a gun in his left hand. If we take a look at a video uploaded earlier, we can hear Hassle asking Boogie, “Are you going to shoot me… in your doorway?” to which Boogie replies, “I’m asking you to leave. It is my home. You are not welcome here; you have threatened my life. In about thirty seconds, I am going to fire a warning shot.”

However, in the video, we cannot see Boogie firing a gunshot. Still, Hassle’s leaked tweet summarised that Boogie indeed took a shot of warning and there was also a report of a shooting during the time of this incident in Fayetteville. When asked that if it was Boogie who shot a fire Hassle said, “It was, he’s a p*ssy lol.” According to the latest update by William himself, he is in contact with Fayetteville police and handed over the video from his door camera. He claims that now the investigation is in the hands of the police department. From now on, he will be more careful about what to do or say. If you enjoyed reading this article and never want to miss any new updates, stay tuned!