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Samsung’s less expensive Galaxy S20 FE is very much a response to the pandemic, S20 to be available at a price cheaper to the original amidst the pandemic.

Electronic gadgets are the one constant entity with time-to-time updations and releases of new versions. We generally notice at least one new version of the existing model rolling out each year.  Samsung, the Korean king of mobile phone, also released the S20 series sin January with an unusual twist. Usually, we witness the new models coming up with upgradations in quality and price, but, Samsung has released one of the S20 series with an unusual deal of expense. The edition called Samsung S20 Fan Edition, known as FE is rolling out at $300 less than the original price. Wait. What?

Samsung S20 FE:

Samsung S20 FE is a special edition under S20 series. The company has decided to release S20 at the price range of A-series. The original price of the S20 is around $900 – $1000. But, S20 FE is going to be available at $700. Unbelievable indeed! The Product Manager at Samsung states that tey is intending to meet the consumer’s request of getting the S20 series with better upgradations at a price of A series. The fan edition brings you the S20 series with many upgradations and advancements than the original. Grab this rarest opportunity and get this unique edition mobile. 

Upgradations in Samsung S20 FE:

The S20 FE is going to be of 6.5 Inch with low band 5-G connectivity. It will have the same  Snapdragon 865 processor similar to the earlier S20 mobiles, including IP68 water resistance power. The mobile will have three rear cameras, which is the present trend along with a capability of 30x Zoom (Space Zoom) similar to the other S20’s. The phone is available in 6 colours. The most significant difference from the S20 is the back of the phone consists of plastic instead of Glass. ISn’t it marvellous? During the pandemic, when almost all the sectors are falling apart, Samsung has come up with an innovative solution favouring both consumers and company. The key features are Display6.50-inch (1080×2400), ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 865, Front Camera32MP, Rear Camera12MP + 12MP +8MP, RAM6GB, Storage128GB,  Battery Capacity4500mAh, OSAndroid 10. 

Samsung S20 FE in markets:

Samsung S20 arrived in January 2020. The pandemic had just started to erupt, and S20 hit the floors. But, the epidemic couldn’t trash the sales of S20. Later, as the global catastrophe went on going worse, the company came up with a solution to meet the consumer’s concern. They are coming with the much affordable Samsung S20 FE series in October. We usually expect the electronic goods to increase the prices during this pandemic, but Samsung is thinking something out of the box. This initiative will support sales of the mobile phone and meeting customers concern.

Additionally, the fan edition will have many more upgradations in it than the original S20 series. They are concentrating on encouraging customers to come forward and buy the Fan Edition as it has new updates and affordable. The S20 FE is going to hit the floors in the US on October 2nd. Bookings are available in limited store and sites.  Get ready gadget lovers! Book your slots and grab it before it goes out of the sale. 

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