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Nvidia and Ge-Force RTX 3080 delivered without proper packaging, Newegg takes Responsibility, Read to know.

NVIDIA is introducing the next generation of gaming cards in it’s Ampere family.RTX 3080 is the successor of RTX 2080. We can consider this Ge-Force RTX 3080 by NVIDIA as a ‘significant leap in the generation’ of GPU cards.NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 gives excellent performance with its high-resolution gaming, ray tracing and VFX rendering. It is an impressive next generation with an improvement in comparison to that of RTX 2080. Nvidia’s RTX 3080 fulfils the crave of gamers with its ultra-performance. It not only has a feature enabling quick targets and aim precision but also reacts faster. However, there is still room for modification which we might see in RTX 3090.

Ge-Force RTX 3080: Specs

The Nvidia Ge-Force RTX 3080 has 30 shader-teraflops (TFLOPS), 58 ray-tracing Tflops and 239 Tensor-Tflops. One will also get 10GB of G6X graphics RAM. According to NVIDIA, it contains the fastest graphic RAM one can ever get. It also gives 4K gaming at 60fps which is very similar to the Xbox series X and PlayStation 5 consoles. And as a next-generation, it will deliver twice the performance in respect of RTX 2080.

The RTX 3080 provides a thermal-optimized design that promises airflow increment by 55%, 30% more efficient, and promises to be up to three times quieter. All these specs make NIVIDIA’s RTX 3080 more impressive with a brilliant high-end performance.

Ge-Force RTX 3080: Order, Price and Delivery Issues

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 is now available in major retail stores and starts at 699 USD. This sensational game card generation is making fast selling and seems to be going out of stock soon. There have been issues with the packaging during deliveries. Some of the people who brought the RTX 3080 via Newegg received the GPU without the retail packaging. The GPU cards we’re packed in polythene covers which caused some bending in the endplates. They say that there was only simple anti-static protection provided to the GPU. A few buyers even received a damaged GPU due to the neglected packaging. The customers have been posting about these issues on Reddit whatsoever.

It seems that Newegg accidentally shipped a bulk order to the buyers which caused this commotion. Jacob Freeman gave a response to this situation by stating, “A very (very) a small number of cards looks to like to get shipped from Newegg as bulk, and Newegg is aware, so please contact them, and they will help you out.” But we will like to advise the ones with the packaging issues to make use of what they get (if not damaged) and not to look for the retail packaged one as they might get stuck to wait for their order.

Newegg takes full responsibility for the unintentional mistake and is ready to tackle the situation. These accidents were fortunately only a handful, and we can say that even with quite a hassle this Ge-Force RTX 3080 is worth our admiration. And it gives the user more than satisfactory results. There is also an update about the future next generation that will be soon in the market, for more informative articles like this stay tuned to know more.