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Kajillionaire, Stars Evan Rachel Wood and Debra Wringer, Know more about the Filming Locations of the Movie.

PARK CITY, UTAH - JANUARY 25: (L-R) Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Gina Rodriguez, Miranda July, Evan Rachel Wood, Richard Jenkins, Dede Gardner and Youree Henley attend the 2020 Sundance Film Festival - "Kajillionaire" Premiere at Eccles Center Theatre on January 25, 2020 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)

The well known, Miranda July wrote and directed a comedy-drama film named Kajillionaire. This American crime comedy film had its world premiere on 25 January 2020 at the Sundance Film Festival. The duration of the film estimates for 106 minutes or 1hour 46 minutes. Kajillionaire is an offbeat film by July which has whimsical elements the same as her previous works. The movie is said to be of the heist kind, but it seems like a character study. It depends on the cinematic adventure of the viewer to look at it as refreshingly unique or outrageous.

Release Date: Kajillionaire

The world premiere of the film occurred at the Sundance film festival in January 2020. Earlier the theatre release of Kajillionaire was on 18 September 2020 followed by the release of a video on demand, delayed due to some unavoidable reasons. Kajillionaire delayed its release for some uncertainty. Now the film got into the theatre on 25 September 2020, and the video on demand will be releasing on 20 October 2020. Fox Features acquires the rights for the distribution of the film in the U.S. while the international distribution of the film is by the Universal Studios.

The Cast: Kajillionaire 

Kajillionaire stars Evan Rachel Wood playing the role of Old Dolio Dyne and Richard Jenkins playing the role of Robert Dyne; as a con couple, Debra Winger as Theresa Dyne, their daughter. The cast also includes Gina Rodriguez aka Milanie Whitacre, Mark Ivanir aka Stovik Mann, Rachel Redleaf aka Kelli Medford and Da’Vine Joy Randolph aka Jenny. Other members of the cast are Diana-Maria Riva, Randy Ryan, Jeffery Nicholas, Adam Bartley and Michelle Gillette.

Plot: Kajillionaire 

The story revolves around a family of three. Dynes are con artists, and they have raised their daughter to be like them and survive by scamming, swindling and cheating. Things start to change when they make friends with a curious yet charming girl who is desperate to help them. If you want to know more about it, then what is waiting for, it’s available in theatres forthwith.

Filming Sites: Kajillionaire 

Cinematographer Sebastian Winterø sets the film in a place different from Hollywood, in the sun-soaked city of Los Angeles, California, USA. This location for filming was perfect due to the dull and dusky main character. The filming crew shot the majority of the scenes in different parts of the city. Some places were namely North Hollywood, some regions around the fashion district and there are also scenes from the City of Industry, and they are not even a part of Los Angeles if we are looking with some strictness. The home of Dyne is a location near the industrial suburbs of Los Angeles next to a bubble manufacturing plant.

The film got ample acknowledgement from the viewers and got an 80% approval rating on a review aggregator website, Rotten Tomatoes. Even on Metacritic, it got a rating of 80 out of 100. With all this, we can conclude that July has got some potential and incredibly supportive fans. If you enjoyed reading this article and want to know more about such things, stay tuned!