Bugsy Drake and Alex Radcliffe from Below Deck Mediterranean are buzzed to be staying together even now.

Below Deck Mediterranean is the American Reality TV show premiered that in 2016. It is a sequel to the superhit show Below Deck—the concept of the play located on a Yacht in a beautiful location situated at Mallorca Spain. The show is filmed on the Island at Mallorca. The show was a great hit with an instantaneous fan following. The show consists of casts spending their survival on the yacht with the highest payment in return. They entertain the audience by performing the tasks assigned to them. Presently, season 5 is airing on Bravo.

Below Deck Meditteranean show:

Below the Deck, Mediterranean is a unique reality show created by the American producer’s Mark Cronin, Courtland Cox, Nadine Rajabi. In this show, there are nine crew members set to sail on a boat. They will be having a different set of passengers visiting their yacht, and the crew members hold the responsibility to face the challenges held by them. They will face other challenges each day, and they clear their challenges and entertain the audience. The nine crew members will get segregated into teams with a team leader and will face challenges. The show portrays the leadership skills, management skills, teamwork and patience in doing any chore. The show gives a high level of entertainment to the viewers and also teaches these skills. Below Deck, Meditteranean is the sequel for the famous reality show. 

Alex Radcliffe and Bugsy Drake:

The current season is successfully portraying women empowerment with all the ladies leadership teams. The present captain is Sandy Yawn, and Bugsy is assigned to cover the interior. Bugsy replaces Hannah as she got fired for getting illegal drugs into the yacht. Bugsy presents a pleasant and friendly nature with co-players with a genuine gamer spirit. Alex started flirting with Bugsy from the moment she stepped into the boat. Fans have observed them flirting throughout the session. We have observed that Alex was first to developed feelings on Bugsy and his trials to let her know. For our surprise, Bugsy kissed Alex in a night out held in the yacht. It has allowed fans to sail in a dilemma of what’s going on between them. She once stated to the cameras right after getting into the yacht that she doesn’t want to get into any relationships after a bitter relationship at 14 yrs. Are they getting together?

No. Alex is friend-zoned:

Fans have an apparent distortion about the relationship between Alex and Bugsy. Bugsy has stated in an interview that although she likes to flirt with Alex, she will not date him. She referred to him as a cute guy and disclosed that they both talk and hang-out often to maintain a good and healthy relationship. She has friend-zoned Alex.  The show did show some scenes portraying the intimacy between them to be a good relationship, but they are having fun flirting with each other. Bugsy revealed her fans about her travelling between places to make the show through her Instagram account. She looks epic in the post.

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