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YouTuber KSI makes False Statement, Amid Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Rumors, Read to know the truth!

Olabisi William Olatunji aka KSI acknowledges that he can win against the retired heavyweight champion Mike Tyson if they stood to confess off in the ring anytime quickly. On November 28th Mike Tyson, twice his age is looking forward to getting back into the boxing ring against the Roy Jones Jr. After receiving past ‘Captain Hook.’Tyson hinted he had approved further combats. There is no big shock that encountering Mike Tyson can give rise to lucrative compensation and superstardom for anyone. It would furthermore mean so broadly for one’s heredity in the sport. Therefore, KSI formerly has conveyed an intense desire to counter Tyson in the fortune. In 2019 KSI dominated Logan Paul, showing off of a pro title of 1-0. However, KSI hasn’t played any other battle since likewise. Meanwhile, It rumoured that Logan Paul might go against Floyd Mayweather quickly. So we did realise where KSI’s wish to counter Mike ‘Iron.’ appears from

YouTuber KSI And Logan Paul: A Battle To Remember!

A match held between KSI against Logan Paul (American YouTuber) On 25 August 2018 the trial took place in the Manchester Arena, Manchester England, which streamed on YouTube’s PayPerView platform. After that, the battle announced to be the biggest amateur boxing tournament in the history and the most significant internet event in history. On November 2019 the rematch took place at the Staples Centre, Los Angeles. The match creates a vast fan base, 1.6 million attained the game live, extending to 21 million views per day and 25 million over several days. KSI awarded with YouTube Boxing Championship Belt after he won the battle. He also Challenged Jake Paul, the younger brother of Logan Paul, to fight with him.

YouTuber KSI And Mike Tyson – An Incredible Yet Interesting Set Inside The Square Loop

Formerly, Sports-Talk Michael Benson has rolled to Twitter to ensure KSI’s curiosity in Mike Tyson. Being undefeated in the athletics the YouTube phenomenon has honourably told that he can overthrow the former winner Mike Tyson. Currently, KSI is barely a battle old and has almost won against another YouTuber who has no roots in a boxing battleground. Unfortunately, KSI’s deeds might not give rise to any significance to his hardcore lovers. Though, KSI believes that he can still make history fighting with Tyson, who is much older to him in every perspective.

Alleging to overshadow Iron mike, KSI announced, “I indeed could though, I really could. I’m unbeatable; no one has defeated me yet. The proof why? Age is on my wall”. If Mike Tyson wants to walk into the square loop to take upon the untenable YouTuber the first-round, KO not at all a task, however, for the time living, Tyson has his focus on Roy Jones Jr.
The former heavyweight world champion confronts each other on 28 November in an eight round-exhibition battle at Los Angeles California. After that the event, Mike Tyson can simply sit down and choose out the best conceivable competitors for the forthcoming, possibly comprising KSI.