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YouTuber Flexes Dodge Challenger American Muscle on Autobahn to 173 MPH, Youtuber Shmee tries the challange.

Cars are the best hobby for many people.  Yes, you heard me right. Cars are a hobby. People’s craze for vintage collections stands at the top. Many of them have separate garages to store their vintage cars collections and are ready to pay thousands of dollars to buy and preserve their car collection. Some of the treat their cars as their babies. In some regions of Europe and America, people have a good practice of testing their vintage vehicles. Although we know that these things may sound crazy, they are the right way of comparing the versions. The intend is to reach the eternity of the Ford Mustang. Yet, to innovate, you are supposed to try many other different options.

Dodge Challenger:

When it comes to Flexes challenge, it is either Chevrolet’s’s Camaro or Dodge’s Challenger. The famous YouTuber Shmee tries Dodge Challenger to check it’s proximal flexes. Tim Burton, professionally known as Youtuber Shmee 150, took Dodge Challenger around an unrestricted phase of Germany’s Autobahn to check a bris spin. Usually, the Ford Mustang is used to check the flexes in Europe and is known for its popularity. She took the Dodge’s Challenger on an Autobahn drive in the R/T 392 Scat Pack Widebody at its centre part. It is a perfect spot to have a quick and decent spin as it extends to 392 cubic inches and doesn’t demand any other alterations or additions.

Dodge Challenge was a success:

The test turned out successful and most effective. It could manage a capability of 6.4-liter HEMI V8 and churn at a speed of 492 ps (485 hp). It could spin at 644 Nm (475 lb. ft.) to the rear wheels along with assistance from an eight-speed automatic transmission. The car had an attractive exterior shade of Frostbite blue along with the Widebody kit. The vehicle had bee logos with a lot of technology on board like launch control, line lock, etc. The exterior design and look of the Dodge Challenger are exotic, and a must recommended piece. It is a masterpiece. But, wait, our focus is not on the eyes or design. It is on the spin rate and its exotic capacity to swirl around executing its flexes.

Dodge Challenge’s Spin rate:

Dodge Challenge went out to check its model’s top speed figure and flexes. It is a 500 hp car, so its users would benefit from comparing other vehicles too. Autobahn, being the famous spot to check the speed, has created a history for testing many cars. It is Germany’s most visited site to check the flex rate of the vehicles. The real top speed figures of cars get quickly revealed in Autoban. Shmee successfully tested the Flex rate of Dodge Challenger. He observed that the spin-rate was nothing different from his owned Ford Focus RS. It achieved a fantastic figure of 279kph (173+mph). It wa the open area, and achieving this figure is not a big deal. Dodge is close to Toyota Supra in accordance to the price levels. Although, about the flex rate Dodge wins the game with Toyota Supra.

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