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The married couple Ahmed Hassan and his wife Zeinab were taken under custody for pranking their daughter.

The married YouTubers Ahmed Hassan and his wife Zeinab got recently taken under custody due to the video, which they uploaded on YouTube. In the video, we saw their four-year-old daughter getting so terrified and was crying so much. The child was scared because of her mom, who painted her face in blackish-brown paint to scare their daughter. The video went very viral and also got much criticism from people all around the world. Well we know YouTubers love pranking their friends and family members, but not only viewers but also the Government felt that this YouTube couple took it very far for a prank that too on a small four-year-old kid.

A video which threatened their child: YouTubers Ahmed Hassan and Zeinab were under the custody.

The horrified reaction of their daughter was indeed hear-breaking, and people were not very happy with the video. It led to a complaint which got filled with National Council For Childhood (NCCM). Public Prosecution took the case to look into the details of the case. However, the famous couple denied the fact that they wanted to harm their baby only for earning money. Zeinab made a note that she would never hurt her daughter in any way for earning money and was playing with their baby.

 The couple pointed on videos which had fewer views and described that the videos with their daughter have more occasional likes as compared to any other couple video they made. Sabri Osman, who is the General Director of Child Helpline, said that there is a tremendous amount of public who viewed this video. They say that they clearly can see that this video was made for only money and gaining more popularity. The couple claimed that they did not think about hurting their daughter’s feelings by scaring her to a great extent. The incident is child abuse, and parents can get the statement of imprisonment for a lifetime.

Violation of Law: YouTubers Ahmed Hassan and Zeinab were under the custody.

 If they did not prove to be innocent, they will go to jail and will have to pay fine of around LE500000 according to the Egyptian laws. Well, as we are talking about rules, the video which was posted publically on YouTube. The video violated few laws by the Egyptian Government. The articles 80, 291 and 96 showcases strict actions against child abuse, Egyptian Child law that ensure the safety of the child and the law against sexual, commercial and economic trafficking of children respectively.

Conclusion: YouTubers Ahmed Hassan and Zeinab were under the custody.

It is common to do pranks, but as the saying famously goes that everything in a limit works fine. Scaring and terrifying pranks with adults who are healthy, enough to handle it is okay to upload under YouTube’s guidelines. There is no harm in trying to earn money from this platform. Nevertheless, when it crosses the limits, it will not only take your reputation down but will leave a destructive impact on your closed ones. Well, many other YouTubers and viewers got deeply hurt due to the child’s reaction to this terrifying prank. Some people are just hoping not to get to see more videos like this on any platform.

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