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Popular YouTuber Tests RTX 3090’s 8K Capabilities, Marques Brownlee tests the latest RTX 3090’s 8K Capabilities

Gamers are enjoying most of the present lockdown time. They are waiting for the latest release of the PS5 and X box series X. Amidst these leading gaming series, Nvidia is coming up with much more exciting series of RTX versions. The RTX 30 series is most favourite to many of the gamers. In a recent event, Nvidia announced its decision of releasing the line ups of RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090. While the launch came out recently, one of the famous YouTubers has some good news about RTX 3090’s performance. He installed the game along with with the graphic card and tested the feature and found the result interestingly incredible.

RTX 3090:

RTX 30 series, one of the most played game series around the world never fails to impress the gamers with its graphics, GPU, features, controls and capacity. Many games demand high-resolution software and core capacities of PC’s to run smoothly. Gamers spend lots and lots of money on buying the portable PC to enjoy playing games comfortably. RTX 3090, proved as the most potent GPU by Nvidia. There is no mistake in saying it has the size of about X Box Series S Console. Like many other games, RTX 3090 demands some high space and other supporting components. Nvidia has claimed RTX 3090 to have 8K Resolution, and it is our task to validate the claims. Popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee took the opportunity and validated the claims in his latest video.

RTX 3090 has the capacity of 8K Resolution:

In the video, he installs RTX 3090 game along with all the required software and components. He successfully got the RTX 3090 into his PC.  It is difficult to pay on a PC to test the 8K capability, so he installs LG Z9 88″ 8K OLED TV and uses it to play the game. HE shows that the HDMI 2.1 supports the 8K Resolution and advice viewers to do the same.  After successfully installing, he tested the game on his TV and was surprised to see the results. He could achieve a maximum resolution of 7680×4320. He then tries the graphic card’s 8K capacity along with playing the game.

RTX 3090 using Forza Horizon:

He can’t test the 8K Resolution directly, so he installs Forza Horizon 4. He could witness that he could achieve 8K at ultra-high settings at 60 FPS. He observed that the GPU runs at 80-90% capacity when set at 60 FPS for 8K resolution. Gamers will clearly understand how tough achieving 8K resolution and how incredible the feat of achieving is. There is yet one bad news; during the cut-scenes, the frame rate drops to 30FPS. One of the possible reason is that they include pre-rendered footage. He boots the Control, which increases the visual capabilities. He noticed that the games run excellently at 8K delivering 50 FPS. But, he did find some discrepancies like the render resolution. As the render resolution altered to 5K, the frame rate dropped to 21 FPS which makes it uncomfortable to play the game. Although RTX 3090 supports 8K Resolution, there aren’t much display options available to market it. Amidst these discrepancies, Nvidia promises to deliver some fantastic frame rates and resolutions.

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