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Charlie White on YouTube letting the animal abusive channel to continue posting on their account.

The famous YouTube channel penguinz0, which is handled by one of the most renowned YouTuber Charlie White was seen recently talking about the most significant fault and drawback of YouTube. The YouTuber got seen pointing out the issue of animal abuse, which YouTube has been ignoring for a long time now. The entire video was revolving around a video, which was posted by Peluchin Entertainment. The video highlighted a teenager who was torturing some cats and also led to the death of few. The issue was seriously considered as a wrong thing by Charlie White, and he uploaded the issue by making a video on it and titled it as “I’m Mad”.

“I’m Mad”: Charlie White on animal abusing channel.

In the entire video, we could see that WhiteWhite was indeed very upset with YouTube by not taking any serious action against the channel which posted such abusing videos for animals. He also mentioned that this kind of videos mislead people and inspires them to do such things more. It was not the first time that Peluchin Entertainment was posting such misleading video, but YouTube still did not delete the account. Well, YouTube did warn the company and made sure to remove such heartbreaking videos. Also, it did tweet about taking the teenager’s video of abusing and hurting his cat down.

Angela Aarez is back: Charlie White on animal abusing channel.

Also in this video, Charlie White addressed about one more YouTuber doing the similar thing named as Angela Aarez. After his comments on the channel, YouTube deled her account for which White got surely appreciated at a wide range. The success did not last long as we could again see Aarez re-created her another channel having four videos uploaded out of which two promoted animal abuse. He also noted that many YouTubers having been continuously reporting about such media, but nothing came off with that.

As he has already worked with YouTube’s team, he did not expect YouTube to be careless in such issues. He said “I had argued with the majority of YouTube. I think a lot of departments are on the side of creators, and they indeed want to make it better, but there are a few groups like this one in particular that completely ruin it and ruin YouTube’s reputation and image as a result of it.” He described the removal of his video from YouTube, which had fictional cartoon characters fighting and YouTube went on considering it as animal abuse.

Conclusion: Charlie White on animal abusing channel

Well indeed not only Charlie White but many YouTubers, YouTube fans and viewers were distraught with the issue. Many viewers have been reporting about the channel and the misleading videos that it has been publishing. However, no strict action regarding the track got taken yet. Nether Charlie White is happy with the result nor do many YouTube lovers think it is fair to let the abusive animal channel to continue like this. At the end of the YouTuber’s video, we got to see Charlie describing how YouTube is allowing the vicious kid to continue all the harm. He is inspiring many cat killers out there who do not consider this as a huge issue. 

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