Google Meet has now limited the Meeting-length for users using free plan, Features, Reason and much more to know for all the users out there!

Google Meet is a user application and is a platform created for video-conferencing. Especially in this pandemic period, people are widely using this fantastic platform not only for work but also by teachers to conduct online classes and to connect to their friends and families staying far away. Between January 30 and April 2020, we came to know that about 100 million users from all around the world were using this application daily. Free meet calls are something, which has attracted more users day by day because of its mind-blowing features. In the Goggle meet application, only one host can conduct a meeting, whereas it allows around 100 users to join the discussion hosted. If you look into G suite Enterprise allows having 250 participants in a single session. To initiate a call, a user requires a Google account. It is in the hand of the host whether he or she wants someone to join the meeting or can also remove a particular participant if faced any disturbance or issues by the participant.


Features: Google Meet

  1. Unlimited meetings
  2. Works on any device
  3. Captions available in English
  4. You can check your camera and see how you look before attending a conference.
  5. You can have a preview of who is attending the conference.
  6. Hosts can remove, pin or mute participants.
  7. Chat option available.
  8. Join discussions directly from the calendar.
  9. Presentations are visible via screen sharing.

There are some other incredible features available with further plans of Goggle where you have to pay the price for them. The different packages of Google are G Suite Essential and G Suite Enterprise, which is very easy to install.

Meeting-length is 60 minutes now: Google Meet.

For every user out there, this news shocked many people as we came to know that a call, which used to last long forever, is now limited to only 1 hour. Until September 30 of this year, all Meet users can conduct a meeting without any restrictions on the meeting length. Nevertheless, after the given date, the sessions have to be restricted for only 1 hour. Thus, if you are a user who does not want to upgrade to a paid plan, then it is essential to limit the timings of the meeting. However, G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Essentials allow a meeting length to go on for 300 hours. The happy news is that Google Meet has not yet restricted the number of meetings; that is, we still can have unlimited video conferences via Google Meet.

Reason for enforcing limitation in call length: Google Meet

Although many users think and feel that Google Meet is following the steps of Zoom, which is also one of the most used videos conferencing platforms. As Zoom also offers similar features like Google Meet, the only thing that varies is that Zoom offers a meeting that lasts until 40 minutes, where Google Meet is allowed for 60 minutes. We do not know anything officially; however, it is all just a guess. The good news is Google Meet has not made any changes in the rest of its features, which still makes it a very well designed and user-friendly application for sure.

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