Apple released the new update of iOS 14.0.1, Bugs Fixes, Drawbacks, Installation method and more.

Apple iOS, which is also known as iPhone OS (Operating System) that is exclusively developed by Apple Inc. for its specialized hardware, is finally out with update 14.0.1. Aforementioned, it indeed increases more suspense among users regarding the speciality in this version. Well, we all know how iOS 14 developing was not up to the mark and had so many issues incorporated in it, in this article you will know whether this version is bug-free and worth installing or not. Having millions of customers from all over around the world, Apple has always tried to meet the most demanding needs for sure. When the update notification of iOS 14 was out, it was clear that there were several issues, which decreased the quality of the version and by not at all making it very user-friendly. Thus, apple decided to fix the bugs, and the making of iOS 14.0.1 started. If you want to know what are the upgraded features in this update, then stick to the article and read ahead.

Bugs fixes: Apple iOS 14.0.1

Default app Preferences:

The latest version 14 was able to change our default browser from Safari. In case if you want to change into Google Chrome, then it came to notice that iOS will automatically adjust the default settings as soon as your iPad or iPhone reboots. The issue was the same for Mail too. In this update, you would have to set your default application only once.

Bugs fixed for News widget:

Issues related to appearing of images in News widget are finally not creating problems any more in this version.

 Fixed Bugs in Wi-Fi connectivity and mails:

This version will prevent your iPhones from automatically connect to Wi-Fi, and the bugs are taken care of in this update. Besides, it solves the issue in sending emails with some mail providers.

Camera previews:

Talking about iPhone 7 plus users, issues related to camera previews has ended in this update.

Drawbacks: Apple iOS 14.0.1

Many Apple users do feel that this version is not as fixed and is not capable of solving all the issues along with some previously mentioned bugs. Well talking about the default application problem, it indeed takes care of in this update. Regarding other bugs in weather widget, fixing of the bugs did not come out as correctly as expected. Users do not seem to be very pleased, and some have even complained of not seeing any significant changes in the issue as compared to iOS 14. Developers are still working on upcoming updates, and users can only hope to get these issues fixed in the next update. The only requirement to get the update of iOS 14.0.1 is you should have an iPhone 6s plus.

Installation: Apple iOS 14.0.1

As same, like other iOS updates, this installing procedure of this one takes place in the same way. If you are unaware and have not got any notification on your iPad or iPhone for new updates, you have an option to search the updates by going to your settings manually. Select General and then click on the Software update. You will get to see the updates now.

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